How to prepare my Paper?

One-page abstracts are welcome prepared using Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, WPS Office, or similar text editor, but your submission should be saved/exported in .DOCX format.

Before you start designing your poster, please consider the following points:

    Checklist for an appropriate Paper
  • Choose your title wisely. Readers will get the first impression by your title. It should be interesting, however your headline must describe the content of your abstract precisely.
  • 'The rest of header'. Many times authors forget to include the list of authors, institutions (properly indexed, if needed), and contact details for corresponding author(s). These are basic details. Pay attention to complete your header, and check it before writing your body text.
  • Make your figures supporting your text. Since the abstracts are published electronically, you can include colourful charts, figures. Stay strong! Do not let these eye-candies to distract your readers from your text.
  • Provide introductory background information that leads into a statement of your aim.
  • Describe your methodology shortly.
  • Clearly introduce the most important conclusions of your research.
  • State the conclusion concisely, avoid overstatements.
  • Stay short! Do not include:
    • Lengthy background information
    • Citations
    • Routine laboratory procedures' details
    • Details about the statistical methods or software used (unless this is the focus of your study)
    • Foggy abbreviations or acronyms (or explain them by the first time you use them)
    • Results or interpretations that are not introduced in the abstract
  • Keep the formal requirements, use the given template.
  • Read through your abstract at least five times. Look for mistakes. Best of all, read it as an outsider. Be critic with yourself!

Download template in .DOCX document

Each applicant may and can submit maximum TWO PRESENTATIONS.  Co-authorship is not limited. Authors are advised that abstracts will not be included in the final program unless registration documents and payment in full have been received for at least one of the authors.

How to prepare my abstract?

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How to prepare my poster?

Read this page to learn what type and size are the best to be displayed at postertable.

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How to prepare my paper?

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